Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Shipping Container/Jungle House in Thailand

          I've lived in a lot of different places since I made move to Thailand in 2010.  In Bangkok I had a small apartment in a great part of the city.  In Surat Thani, I lived in three different houses with a handful of awesome roommates.  But, by far, the most interesting place that I've lived (and my favorite) is a shipping container in the jungle.
          It's not exactly as it sounds.  It's actually two shipping containers welded together in the middle and renovated into a small "house" complete with electricity and running water.   It stands on stilts over a pond in the jungle, just 5 minutes across the river from town.  Living in the jungle was an adventure in itself.  I'd routinely see giant monitor lizards lazily crawling through the tall grasses and there was monkey that lived a stone's throw away.  Not to mention all the cool flora and fauna.
          After six great months in the jungle and almost two years of living and teaching in Surat, it's time to move on.  I'm trading the sun and the islands of Thailand's south for the cool, green mountains of the north.  Surat Thani, you will be missed.

Here's a quick video of the jungle crib...  (not the best quality)...

And some snapshots...
front porch

you may enter...

living room area

Britt's art room... I wanted a gym.

And some cool plants growing around the house...

*not pictured: bedroom, bathroom, drawbridge.


  1. We've moved on and our friends Levi and Savannah have take over the shipping container! Check out their blog devoted to living in a shipping container in the jungle of Thailand...

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